Sunday, November 20, 2011

GF & BF!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anant's latest creation!

It's been some time and Anant has been enjoying working on PC creating 'painitings' in PaintBrush programme.

Here's the latest he created... and I was really impressed :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Anant's Creations

Anant has just started learning Paintbrush. Here are few of his 'creations' :)

The very first one - 'modern art'!

Pug marks!

Picnic in a tent!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Mondegreen... And An imagination

It was just another busy morning... in fact busier! Anant was late in waking up; at 9:35 I had to pull him up from the bed, and he was so reluctant coz Papa was still sleeping!! (Papa had slept late, but does that matter?)

So there we were, finally on the breakfast table, I trying hard to make Anant eat fast and Anant hell-bent on not improving his speed. He was adamant and I was getting furious. He was trying to make me smile and I was not ready to smile till I saw his plate clean... and fast!

In the background was playing the CD of 'Guide', I was trying to drown my fury in the melody... when I suddenly heard Anant singing with the song... in all seriousness... lost in his world... as usual. The words that came out from his lips had this amazing effect... I just couldn't stop giggling... seeing him, sitting there, playing with his cheela and singing, "Mote chal, mote chal"!!!! In the background, Lata Mangeshkar rued melodiously, "Mose Chhal, mose chhal... mose chhal kiye jaaye..."

I guffawed, at this innocent mondegreen, a product of Anant's limited vocabulary which contained neither mose nor chhal. There was this look of relief, mischief and 'how smart I am' in his eyes as soon as he saw me laughing. He knew he has not heard it right, and, immediately, there was a story in his head:

"See Mamma, there is this queue at Prithvi Theater, everyone is going in except this Mota Aadmi (this fatso) and there is this girl behind him and she want to go in and this Mota is not moving, so this girl starts singing, 'Mote chal, mote chal'.

And I had to stop the story there, by putting food in his mouth. He has won again, Mamma was feeding him, finally!!

BTW, here is that lovely song:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Little Monster and Aliens

It was ten-thirty last night; we had just finished a game of sword-fighting and it was time to bed for Anant, but he wanted another game. His school has just recently started and it's a full six hours of classes, which is leaving him quite tired, and I want him to sleep 'on time'. So I had put my foot down - no more games, time to sleep.

And since he was tired, he was cranky too. So he started wailing and fighting and ultimately came out the threat. With cries of "no one loves me here, no one wants to see me happy" (how many time have I heard this!!!) Anant declared, "I'm leaving home!" He stared at me sternly... and added, "going to Mars, will stay with aliens!"

That is something. When I was five, I had no clue about mars, forget about aliens. Maybe it had something to do with Monsters Vs Aliens, though I doubt so. The alien in it was quite scary, Anant won't like to live with such creatures. I guess, it is Ben 10, the TV series, in which a boy can turn into aliens. That has maed aliens fashionable... and friendly among the kids.

But I still have no clue why he chose to go to mars! Do you think he heard the "men are from mars" theory already? I must ask him tonight.